Active maintenance of Electric written in QB64 - publicly available

Electric v1.0:0015

DO NOT INSTALL OVER BETA II (v0.8)! It will break things.

For less information, see the "About" page for Electric on cheesewatergames.tk.

Rules 'n' stuff

As far as an objective, there isn't really an end goal, just get as many points as possible, and try not to die.

How to main menu

title of the game Play
I don't think I need to explain Options
Go to the Options menu, which actually has options in it this time Credits View the credits Exit
Exit the game

How to options menu

Letting you know that this is the Options menu Set Screen Resolution (* x ) Change resolution -- You probably won't need this, since it autodetects Toggle Fullscreen () Turn fullscreen on or off -- default is on Fancyness () If you're running it on a netbook or similar device, some of the graphical fancies can give it a hard time -- default is low Plane Color (, , *) -- *
Change the color of your plane. Use RGB. -- default is (0, 0, 255) -- Electric Blue Enemy AI (
) Change how good the enemy AI is. "Good" always aims directly at the target, while "Really Good" leads. In "Really Good," the AI can also use the markets, though their selection is limited. -- default is good. Input Device: * Change input between mouse and keybord or selected controller. -- default is mouse & keybord (0). Controls (If you're using a controller) Change default controls (some input devices have unique buttons and axis). Standard set by Logitech Attack 3. Planes per team: () Number of planes per color -- default is 1 Music volume () Changes music volume in menu and game. Change takes effect when you leave the options menu. -- Default is 100%. Restore Defaults You might want to select this after an update. Back
Go back to the main menu.

How to play

How to control

increasae throttle,an increment of 10%
decrease throttle, a decrement of 10%
turn counter-clockwise
turn clockwise
fire primary weapons
fire missiles
toggle primary weapons -- more than one can be on at a  time
toggle missiles -- more than one can be on at a time
toggle mods -- more than one can be on at a time
(All controls not listed still require the keyboard.    Example used is Logitch Attack 3.)
"Axis 3"
throttle (0 - 100 = -1 - 1.  Increase or decrease throttle  control.)
"Axis 1"
steering (positive = clockwise, negative = counter- clockwise.  Tilt joystick left and right.)
"Button 1"
fire primary weapons (trigger)
"Button 2"
fire missiles (button labelled "2")
"Button 3"
toggle selected weapon/mod
"Button 4"
select previous mod/weapon
"Button 5"
select next mod/weapon

How to HUD

"power" -- throttle (higher throttle takes more energy)
"generator" -- rate that power recharges, relative to full  throttle.  When PWR < GEN, the battery charges.  When PWR   > GEN, the battery drains.
"battery" -- amount of juice in the battery.  When it runs  out, the throttle cannot exceed 50%, and you cannot fire    weapons.
"speed" – speed measured in miles per hour.
"armor" -- health.  If it reaches 0, you blow up and    respawn.
"ammo" -- machine gun bullets, out of 10000
"points" -- one is gained every time you fire a killshot.
"credits" -- credits that you buy stuff at the market   with.
Weapon hud
The five red squares hold primary weapons.  The three blue  squares hold missiles.  The four green squares hold mods.
If a square is "on," a grey square appears inside of it.    Weapons and missiles start "on," and mods start "off."
|>     v|
|       |
|       |       
|       |
|^      <|
The four colored triangles show the location and    orientation of their respective planes in the battlefeild.

How to market

fly into the western wall (assuming  it's "Open!)
Along the top, there are three tabs, labled "Weapons,"  "mods," and "stats."
Clicking on these tabs takes the player to different parts  of the market.  The default is "weapons."
You will observe a list of available products, how many     credits you have, and how much time you have left to stay   in the market.  (BTW, you get a credit for every point  earned.)
In "weapons"
    Cr. 3, 300 RPM, 960 pixels/sec, 5 damage/shot, .25          energy/shot, no special atributes
    Cr. 3, 3600 RPM, 1200 pixels/sec, .5 damage/shot, 1             bullet/shot, 4 degrees spread angle
    Cr. 3, 450 RPM, 960 pixels/sec, 2.5 damage/shot, .3             energy/shot, 3 shots fired at once, one forward, and            30 degrees on either side.
    Cr. 3, 600 RPM, 1080 pixels/sec, 10 damage/shot, .5             energy/shot, no special atributes
    Cr. 3, 450 RPM, 1200 pixels/sec, .5 damage/shot, 8          bullets/shot, fires like a shotgun
    Cr. 5, 3600 RPM, 1200 pixels/sec, 1 damage/shot, 1          bullet/shot, reqoil slows down plane
    Homing Plasma
    Cr. 5, Charged, 720 pixels/sec, homes
    Cr. 5, Charged, 960 pixels/sec, continues after             hitting something, doubling power each time
    10 Heat-Seeker Missiles
    Cr. 4, 60 RPM, 960 pixels/sec, 50 damage/shot, 1            missile/shot, homes, range 2880 pixels (flies for 3             seconds)
    10 Radar-Guided Missiles
    Cr. 5, 60 RPM, 960 pixels/sec, 50 damage/shot, 1            missile/shot, homes and leads, range 5760 pixels            (flies for 6 seconds)
    4 Cruise Missiles
    Cr. 6, 60 RPM, 960 pixels/sec, 300 damage/shot, 300             pixel radius, 1 missile/shot, homes poorly, range           8640 pixels (flies for 9 seconds)

    Click on a product to purchase, and it will go to the       storage grid.
    Click on a product in the storage grid to pick it up.
    Click on one of the red spaces on the weapon hud to             put primary weapons there.  It must be symmetrical,             so you need two of the same kind of product in              storage to place it in any of the wing slots(2, 3).             Otherwise, it must go in the nose(1).
    Click on one of the blue spaces on the weapon hud to            put missiles there.  Note that missiles in slot 5           fire at 120 RPM.
In "mods"
    Cr. 3, Displays where enemies will be when your shots       arrive, draws a line in the direction the player            is aiming, and missile targeting boundaries.
    Energy ==> Armor
    Cr. 3, Regenerates armor, but sucks down as much            electricity.
    Solid Rocket Booster
    Cr. 3, Gives a speed boost when you are in an               emergency.  Lasts 3 seconds.  One use only.                 Stackable.
    Flare Pack
    Cr. 3, releases 4 flares that confuse missiles.             Works 4 out of 5 times.  Stackable.

    Click on a product to purchase, and it will go to the       storage grid.
    Click on a product in the storage grid to pick it up.
    Click on one of the green spaces on the mod hud to          put it there.
In "stats"
    Cr. 5, Makes the generator more powerful
    Battery Life
    Cr. 5, Makes the battery last longer, but also              recharge slower (it's still worth it)
    Cr. 5, Makes the plane take less damage from shots
    1000 Bullets
    Cr. 1, 1000 machine gun bullets that the Vulcan uses.

    Click on a product to apply it.
When hovering over an item with the mouse, a short summary  of the item will appear below STORAGE.
Click "Exit" in the lower righthand corner to go back out.
Once out, the market cannot be entered until enough time has passed ("enough" = time spent in the market * 2)